ESET Smart Security Username and Passwords, License Key (v4,5,8)


(2020) ESET Smart Security Username and Passwords, License Key [v4,5,8]

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to ESET Smart Security (v4,5,8). So that you could know about ESET Smart Security, we are going to explain some of its features in detail. Thus, as ESET is an antivirus, you will also know about what an antivirus offers, and how it protects. After that, we will provide you with two methods that will help you in activating ESET Smart Security for free. Method one is to activate the application with ESET Smart Security usernames and passwords. Usually this is for users who purchase ESET Smart Security license key. After getting the ESET license key, the user receives ESET Smart Security usernames and passwords on his/her email. But don’t worry! Wait till end, we will do that for you for free.

The other is to get first free trial version with entering email ID, and after that, switch it to premium with our ESET free license key. In the last method, there is no use of ESET Smart Security user name and password.

But the thing to keep in mind is that there are a few versions of ESET Smart Security; and they require different username and password. For example, ESET Smart Security 4 username and passwords will work only for ESET Smart Security 4. And if you have ESET 5, you will need ESET Smart Security 5 username and passwords, for instance.

But let’s first understand why an antivirus is important. ESET is up to the mark, and has all features and security measures to protect us online and offline threats? We will delve into these questions in the next sections.

Additional Facts About ESET Smart Security Username and Password

Before you start using ESET Smart Security. You need to create a user account for yourself and determine how your computer will be used. You must have one user account per person and one administrator account. Enjoy your favorite media, keep an eye on your home. And enjoy complete peace of mind – all this is possible with ESET Smart Security. Protect your PC, Mac and Android smartphone from viruses, malware and hackers. With ESET’s smart package – offering effective antivirus protection all in one. And it’s FREE!

Through ESET’s robust, award-winning antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit technology with Cloud. ESET Smart Security 10 can help you be 100% secure when you are online. Antivirus does more than just scour your PC for infections. It also monitors web traffic to prevent dangerous sites you visit from doing harm to your computer or personal information. And the new Wi-Fi Inspector feature, only found in ESET Smart Security 10. Scans your home network to alert you to unsecured router, wireless router. and modem passwords that can be exploited by hackers who break into your home.

Smart Security provides best-in-class security. For the widest range of devices, including PCs and Macs, smartphones and tablets, and Android Wear smartwatches. Against all types of threats from viruses to malware. ESET Smart Security uses the cloud. To provide day care for virus-free computers, portable device location and remote management options.

ESET Smart Security is a complete and effective solution to protect your PC against malware. It uses the award-winning NOD32 antivirus engine to scan files, emails, instant messages for viruses, trojans and spyware. It also protects your system from hackers, worms and Trojans trying to steal your personal information.

Do You Really Need Antivirus?

If you love privacy, and want to stay protected online, then the answer is certainly “YES”. This is an age of information, and the online world is after you to know about you to minuscule detail. A well coded malware is in your device, and everything you do in it is available to the miscreant. Though each has its own method. The software companies and websites let you use their disguised malware infested programs and services for free, and thus collect data about you. Based on the information collected, they shove ads of their products in your face again and again. Be it through mail, websites you visit or the applications you use. To most extent, the is still safe.

But what if a hacker slips into your device a dangerous malware through a picture or song? You will not be able to tell a difference between a malware encoded song and one without it. Once malware has its seat in your device, you turn into a prisoner who is being watched all the time.  Every search or keystroke may be tracked by the hacker as long as you are connected to internet. The information may be as secretive as Bank account details, Credit Card number, Email ID and Password etc. Your stored data can be accessed as well. Your privacy and security both are at high risk. Nothing is hidden anymore.

A good antivirus, like ESET Smart Security, erects security walls around your device, so no malware could spy on you. Let alone enter in and break open your privacy and security. But is ESET a good antivirus?


Is ESET a Good Antivirus Program?

If you are looking for features such as high-end anti-malware scanner, anti-phishing, Browser and Web protection, anti-theft, password manager, webcam protection, then ESET has it all. In addition, there are more security features as well. And ESET has been for decades in malware and cyber security field. Based on this information, should we say that ESET is a good antivirus program? Why not! But is the best? We don’t think so. There are antiviruses like Malwarebytes and Avast which have some features that ESET lacks. Like VPN. In next section, we will look at some features of ESET. But before that, let’s understand something about products of an antivirus.

Every antivirus has many editions and packages with different features and prices. So, there will be some features present or missing in one package or another. Based on this, a user could buy the antivirus as per her requirement.  ESET itself has at least three packages: ESET Smart Security Premium, ESET Internet Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus. And in Smart Security itself, there are some editions or upgrades such as 4,5,6,7 and 8. As the numbers increase, the editions will have latest and more security features and measures to protect us. And each edition requires its own ESET Smart Security user name and password. For example, edition 8th will be activated by only Smart Security 8 username and password. If you are trying to activate it with ESET Smart Security 5 username and passwords, it will fail certainly.

Though we have given you ESET 5 Smart username and password in this blog, we would suggest you to go for 8th edition. Because it will contain latest security database and new features. And to activate it, we have also provided you with ESET Smart Security 8 username and password.


Some Features of Activated ESET Smart Security Premium

  1. High-end Malware Scanner: ESET’s anti-malware scanner is one of the best. Because It uses extensive security database and advanced machine learning. With these, it can even detect and delete even hidden and dangerous malware such as ransomware, trojans, spyware, and rootkits. In addition, ESET employs sophisticated heuristics to scan the behavior of files and folders. If it finds some unusual activities, expected from malware, in some file or folder, it brings them out. Thus, your system stays protected from and against malware. You can do scanning in three ways with anti-malware scanner:
    • Whole System Scan: With this, you can scan your whole system, every nook and corner. Though it will take hours, but the process will get rid of any malware in your PC. It’s better to take the long but safe road.
    • Custom Scan: Custom Scan allows you to scan the files and folder that you suspect of malicious activities. You could drag them to custom scan box, and it will shake any malware off them.
    • External Scan. With this option, you can scan any external device connected to your system. If you want to scan your pen drive, external hard drive or memory, just plug it in. After that, select removable scan option.
  2. Anti-phishing:  This feature identifies the phishing sites and invasive web scripts that steal your sensitive information by presenting themselves as authentic.
  3. Keylogger: ESET encrypts all your keystrokes. Therefore, no will have idea about the information you entered in a browser.
  4. Anti-theft: ESET offers you anti-theft feature. If your PC is stolen, you could access the webcam still and see the thief. You will be also able to see browser history and location of the culprit.
  5. Network Monitor: This program allows you see the devices connected to your network. If you find some unknown device accessing your network, you could disable that device easily.


List of ESET Smart Security Premium License key, Username and Password

In this section, we are giving your ESET Smart Security usernames and passwords. With them, you would be able to activate your ESET Smart Security Premium. Basically, there are two methods of activating the program. One is to purchase license key for ESET, and receive ESET username and password on your email. But that way, you will be spending your money. And the other method is to get trail version and activate it to premium version through license key. In this section, we have provided you with free details of both activation methods. If you are using 4th edition, we have given your ESET Smart Security 4 username and passwords. Keep in mind, each edition requires its own details. ESET Smart Security 5 username and passwords will not work in 8th edition or vice versa.

And if you want to activate the program through ESET license keys only, then go for that. We have given some free ESET license key. Each key is valid for one year only.

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List of ESET Smart Security 4 Username and Passwords

UserName Password
EAV-0279966524 h28rd3f2h4
EAV-0279965266 heem4tf6ee
TRIAL-0252593327 ceatp7tcrr
TRIAL-0252593330 9ms4feffnv
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List of ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Passwords

UserName Password
TRIAL-0252593329 8k5jsdxfa6
TRIAL-0257980977 hj36m3xct8
TRIAL-0257982289 3fevd5b32x
TRIAL-0257980973 ac86na3drv

ESET Smart Security Username and Password Nod32 Serial Keys 8:

Username: EAV-0208076599
Password: jv38bnm6ux

ESET License Key List 9-12

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We hope you found the blog helpful. Now you may have some idea about antivirus in general and ESET in particular. You know also now that an antivirus comes with different packages and editions. And each requires its specific details. For example, 4th edition of ESET will be activated by only ESET Smart Security 4 username and passwords.

But still If you encounter any problem while installing or activating the software, mail us on [email protected]. We would be glad to resolve the issues. And if you have any queries, you could ask us on the same email address as well. Or you can join our Telegram Discussion Group.

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